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Biker Friendly Accommodation

Biker friendly accommodation – planning a bike trip / holiday
As we at the Motorcycle Reference Directory, and you, dear reader, are well aware, the traditional notion of the average biker has finally begun to fall away, leaving us finally understood as a much more diverse and welcoming bunch.  More than ever, and perhaps because of this cultural change, there is an ever increasing number of sites from accommodation and B &B’s or campsites to pubs and cafes which cater quite specifically for the biking community; providing excellent facilities and a warm, welcoming destination.
If you are planning a touring holiday, be it abroad or in the UK, there are organisations that will willingly put in the work into planning your route and providing accommodation, although of course more seasoned trekkers will likely enjoy the planning of their trip and prefer to spend the time looking out likely places to see and stay.  There is always the option of playing it by ear and hoping to land in a friendly place, but within the following pages you will find a good selection of biker friendly places to stay and visit, to give you the security of a real destination to aim for and a warm bed at the end of your drive!
If you are looking for somewhere to stay there are a few variable to consider.  Firstly, the type of accommodation, which ranges from camping, basic guest houses, welcoming bed and breakfast venues to something rather more luxurious should you be inclined.  B A& B’s are a popular choice, giving you a more informal setting but comfort and usually great food.  Many small accommodations are run by those with their own love of bikes, meaning the facilities and possibilities are well thought out and will cater expressly for those riding in to their holidays.
It makes sense to firstly check the standing space for your bike.  Larger or more dedicated places will likely have a covered garage or outdoor space in which to keep your bike, adding security.  A new group in Europe for example specialise to the extent of offering workshops on site or nearby, drying rooms, boot care sets and plenty of tips in terms of places of interest and friendly excursions, and there are many similar venues in the UK offering similar facilities.  Check in times may vary which may be worth considering depending on the length of your journey, as will the availability of food. 
Your luggage will depend on the type of facilities at your chosen accommodation.  Clearly campers will need a whole different kit to those planning to bed and breakfast, so plan your route and decide just what to take, remembering that extra weight and space will be at a premium if you are really going to enjoy your trip.
For shorter trips and rideouts, there are plenty of options available.  Some of the cafes listed are well known for regular meets, offering a hearty breakfast to start a day out, as well as informal meets which attract bikers from around the country.  Don’t forget the huge list of shows and meets throughout the country, many of which are attended by thousands of fellow enthusiasts and offer an excellent ride out or the start to a longer trip.  See PG
???? for more information.
If this is your first trip, then don’t forget the obvious check list before you go.  The usual travel and safety tips apply, so make sure your insurance and travel documents are up to date and in order, as well as carrying all the relevant information in case of emergencies.  Don’t forget to do all your standard bike checks to make sure it is up to the trip to avoid costly emergency fixes whilst away, or worse, the waste of a whole days touring while you wait for repairs.  Check your body work, tyre treads, and brakes, plus any other niggles you may have not quite reached, as a few days hard riding will cause any minor worries to worsen and could well ruin your trip.
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