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Buying a Scooter or Moped?

Buying a Scooter or Moped?

   Buying Scooter or Moped
Owning a scooter or moped is no longer strictly the domain of the novice rider or beginner.  There are sound economic and planet friendly reasons too, as well as convenience and fun.  New prices can start from as little as around £700, and second hand prices are even more reasonable.  Traffic presents far less of an issue for the working commuter, current fuel prices mean that a scooter makes an enviable petrol saving, and the size means they are easy to park, avoid congestion charges, and your insurance and general running costs are also usually very low.

Should you decide to get going on one of these funky two wheelers, there are multiple factors to consider, most notably engine size and therefore power and speed.  If you are using the moped for quick city trips, then speed and capacity will be less of a consideration than say fuel economy and perhaps style.  Those planning a longer commute however, may well need to look for more power and a more comfortable ride.  This is an area were a reputable dealer will come into their own, as they will be able to look at your lifestyle and driving requirements; and help you to choose the right model and specifications.

There is quite an array of scooters on the market, including manufacturers as diverse as the traditional Vespa and Lambretti, to Peugeot, Honda and the Japanese brands plus Kymco and Sym from Taiwan, , so look around and test drive until you find a manufacturer whose style and build quality you prefer.  You need a full licence for anything larger than a 125cc, so your licence will to an extent dictate your chosen model, as will what you are planning on using your moped or scooter for.  A very small 50cc engine will be very economical to buy and run, but is not suitable for longer journeys as they usually have a 30 mph top speed.  Something a little larger will cost more, but will be more suited to longer journeys and if you are travelling on more suburban territory, be able to keep up with the flow of traffic much more comfortably.  There are much larger engine models available, all the way up to match a smaller motorcycle in terms of power; these will require a full motorcycle licence and of course begin to up the pricing if economy is what you are looking for.

Scooter or Moped 
Buying from a reputable dealer will usually give you a warranty; so peace of mind,.  If you are buying privately, then there are a few things you need to examine before you make your purchase.  Obvious, when you think about it, check the comfort – scooters can be different heights and so you will need to ensure your chosen model is at a seat height and reach which will be comfortable for you.  Mechanical issues are key as they are when purchasing any motorised contraption, be it bike, car or moped.  A good way to make a sound purchase is to check for signs of previous accidents.  Typical signs can be found on the bodywork; so check for ripples or dents, or new paintwork which might indicate serious repair work.  Make sure the tyres do not show any signs of suspicious wear, and that there are no dents of buckling in the rims.  Run the engine until hot, and keep an eye for any leaks or unsound running.  It is also wise to look at the suspension; so take the vehicle off of its stand and push down to check it is smooth and that there is no leakage.  If you are a beginner, again, a reputable dealer is probably your best bet, as they will be able to advise on all these factors and find the best deal for you.

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