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Company details:

DRS Drop Raise Services Ltd

DRS Drop Raise Services Ltd

DRS Drop Raise Services Ltd
We at DRS are specialists in all things to do with motorcycles! Whether you are looking to buy a new bike for yourself or you want your existing bike serviced - we can help here at our base in Hull, in East Yorkshire.  The company was originally formed with the intention of offering an unique service which you can rarely find anywhere else in the country.  Our range of services is very vast but what we are most proud of is that we can match you with a bike that suits your height!

DRS Drop Raise Services Ltd

At the begining, we noticed that riders found it very hard to find a suitable motorcycle that fits both their size and ability.  We had personally witnessed newbie riders changing their minds on the whole think because they were unable to find anything that accommodated their size.  Bikes at a standard size left some people at times unable to touch the floor, making the dimensions of the bike completely unsuitable.

Founder Dave Rose, looked into methods of altering the motorbike in a safe way to allow the bike to fit the rider, and not of forcing the rider to fit the bike.  This turned into a lengthy task but with Dave's strong engineering background he set to work and in the end he developing his own method of lowering the bikes in the correct way, ensuring that the bike fits the rider perfectly.  How can he do that? You may ask yourself, well all it takes is a custom alteration and suddenly your bike which may have been either too big or too small now fits perfect.  This simple alteration allows all riders to get the most out of their bikes!

DRS Drop Raise Services Ltd

Many people are not so confident at riding a bike due to the sheer size of it but you needn't worry no more - we do everything in our power to ensure you are not forced to compromise! This in turn, gives you the confidence to get out there and ride with the best of them.  When the time comes to upgrade your bike however, we can remove the lowering part, essentially resetting your bike to factory settings and maximising your trade in value.

Our dedicated and professional team strive to make sure everyone can experience the thrill of riding no matter your height or various other challenges.  With our wealth of knowledge and experience we have under our belt, we are here for you no matter if you are after a custom rebuild or simple require advice.  Come down and see us and we can have a chat about any concerns you may have.

But don't think we just alter bikes, we have a range of services here on offer, some of which include:
  • Sports Bike Modifications
  • Roll in, roll out motorcycle raising/lowering
  • Selling helmets, clothes, parts and accessories
  • Purchase and sell motorcycles (New and Used)
  • Service and repairs
  • MOTs
  • Delivery/collection service
  • Buying and suitability advice
  • Number plates
  • Plus much more!

DRS Drop Raise Services Ltd

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services - we would love to hear from you! Or visit our social media page to hear about our latest news and deals:

Call us today on: 01482 646 188
Email us on: drsdrshull.co.uk
Visit our website: www.drshull.co.uk
Facebook: /DRS-Hull-Drop-Raise-Services

Company:DRS Drop Raise Services Ltd
Address:1103 Hessle High Road
East Yorkshire
Contact:Dave Rose
Telephone:01482 646 188
DRS Drop Raise Services Ltd
Category:lambretta, vespa scooters
motorcycle & scooter sales
motorcycle and scooter sales
scooter - repairs & restoration
scooter dealers
scooter sales, scooter parts (classics)
Area scope:all / national
east yorkshire
hull, yorkshire
Related words:lambretta, vespa scooters, scooter sales, scooter parts (classics), Hull
DRS Drop Raise Services Ltd

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